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Popular Q&A

What is the name of the tool that dentists use to clean your teeth of tartar?
Typically the instruments are used by the hygienist not the dentist to clean teeth. There is no real one name. They have brand names and numbers to identify what part of the mouth they are used to clean. But if you want a quick name you can call them scalers (pointy shaped) and curets (round...

Best dental insurance for dental implant?
For dental insurance to cover your dental implant = you have to have insurance for one year. Then depending on your plan it will pay 50% of the cost up to the annual maximum for your plan (somewhere between $1000-$3000). Dental implants are typically done in periodontist offices or restorative...

What is the rational in using a cantilever bridge in dentistry?
I have probably done less than 10 cantilever bridges in 30 years. Maybe less than 5. The only place I see it as a valid treatment option would be where the cantilever will be OUT OF FUNCTION. One example would be if the patient was missing all of the upper molars on one side and the lower...

This is for BORT. I am an aspiring dentist and I currently work in a dental office. I don't feel like I "know
You don't have to know it all to make a difference. Feel free to suggest changes to your boss in a constructive way that isn't seen as criticizing. As Dre suggests, promote the ideas as ways of creating more efficiency in the office. While the dentist might feel you are out of place with...

Is snap on smile as effective as invisalign?
Invisalign and Snap-On Smile are two completely different products. Orthodontic vs. Cosmetic Invisalign is an alternative to braces. It can take about 12 months or so depending on your smile to straighten your teeth. I have heard the average cost is about $3500 up to $8000. Payment plans available...