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Popular Q&A

Does anyone know what to do when you have a locked jaw?
See you dentist or an oral surgeon as soon as you can . the mandible is out of the socket but they should be able to relocate it . usually easy to do but you may cause damage trying to do it yourself. DR H Walker

Can anyone recommend a good dentist, in sussex/kent/surrey?
I'm a dental nurse in the Sussex area and have worked with many different dentists. In my opinion The Strand dental practice in Worthing West Sussex is by far the best dental practice. They are very professional and offer really competitive prices. My dentist is up in Harley Street, but The...

Has anybody had lumineers or cosmetic bonding??
Your picture is quite blurred. In simple term bonding is composite resin material which is applied and light cured like dental fillings. It mostly addresses cosmetic region of anterior teeth. Lumineers are branded veneers thinner and fragile than the standard porcelain veneers. These too are...

I am a dentist in Port Charlotte Florida & I have genital herpes, do I have to disclose this to my patients?
I don't have a problem with that as long as the proper safeguards are in place. I believe the DDS has the correct answer. I believe the answer was meant to be accurate and funny. However, the person who brought up whitlows, has a valid concern. While I know that is a rare condition, and you...

Were u scared of the dentist as a child?
I went to the dentist and decided I would not be afraid. I was an adult. I convinced myself I would have no fear. They were playing country music. I said, Yeah, I'll get into this and forget about the dentist. The song they were playing was "This one's going to hurt you for a long, long time...