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Popular Q&A

Tooth Bonding cost?
My tooth bonding was not extremely expensive, cheaper than braces and cheaper than veneers. Plus, no pain or needles! I believe it cost around $200 a tooth, or a little less. The bonding chipped twice, because the dentist did not put it on correctly. Other than that, I have had it on for 5...

Bibs at the dentist?
I am a certified dental assistant and I also do the ordering in our office. Not all patient bibs have a plastic lining on the back. I have mistakenly ordered bibs with no lining and stuff can leak through. i now am very careful to order the bibs with the lining and these do not allow anything...

Best dentist / dental clinic in ahmedabad , india?
dr.pankti patel at teeth care centre, satellite , ahmedabad

Help in college plz..........?
The problem that you do not really know what you want

How do you change your name to Dr?
Congratulations! However, Dr. isn't a name- it is a title. Your name is still the same as it was before. Your bank and driver's license have no interest in the title, and your name on all accounts will remain the same as it has always been. It is only on things where you were addressed...