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Popular Q&A

20/20 Program " Appalachia Children of the Mountains"?
I live in Eastern Kentucky (near Inez) and unfortunately I think the show was very honest. I know many people around here who are outraged by it and that I don't understand. Yeah, of course, there are alot of people here who don't do drugs, drink, smoke, etc., but there are sooo many that do...

If a 15 yr old is tried as an adult,sent to an adult prison,what is life like for him when he arrives at the?
Being a consumer of the services of the Correctional Services of Canada, I can give you an expert opinion of the reality of life inside of Canada's Federal Prison System. This reality is different than that of Hollywood. Contrary to those who may have some perverted enjoyment of fabricating...

Does anyone know a good dentist who takes AETNA in WA?
Go to the aetna website and look up dentist in your area. If no one here can help, then you'll have to call them and ask if they accept assignment of benefits. That means that they will only expect you to pay for your portion of the bill at the time of treatment instead of the full fee.

Great dental insurance is non-existant unless you work for a company with great benefits that will foot the bill for it. From a Dentist's standpoint I will tell you this: You will find a big difference in providers across what you may think is great insurance and what really is. For instance...

Does someone in the dentists office need to be certified to do zoom or any other teeth whitening procedures?
Should I choose professional teeth whitening In-Office or teeth whitening at home? With so many teeth whitening products available today, what should you choose? Should we choose professional teeth whitening In-Office or teeth whitening at home by yourself? You can consider the following factors:...