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Popular Q&A

Have you seen this dentist suing his former patient over a review?
He could very well have a case. That will be for the Court to decide, BUT claiming this man did work that didn't need done is pretty much defamation and when you are putting up reviews on a site that will effect his job there is reason to get a little upset. This idea that the good will bury...

What are the favourite occupations for the upper classes in US?
Oh, you'd be really really surprised about this. It depends how you define upper classes. If you look at the super-rich, like the billionaires on the Forbes 100, then sure - CEO, CFO, entreprueners, inheritances, etc. But if you want to look at the the upper classes within all of our communities...

Are braces cheaper in America compared to Canada?
Do you have a phone? Call several orthodontist in Seattle and get ballpark figures. It has been a while, but $7000 sounds high. If you can afford to go to Costa Rica or Panama, it is a lot cheaper.

Anyone knows a good, ethical dentist in orange county, CA?
Here is a good place to start...patient reviews included.

What YouTube video(s) do you never ever get sick of?
Dark Night Trailer Spoof Carlton Banks Dance David Cook Wins American Idol Joey and Ross Talk Dirty