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Popular Q&A

African American Physicians and Dentists?
No, but you could try contacting your local branch of the NAACP - they might be able to help you get started. Ignore the hater dear, and I hope you find the info that you need.

I need a dentist that will take badger care plus in madison,wisconsin?
Access Community Health Center on East Wash. (the old Dean building, across from Gardner's Bakery) has a dental clinic that accepts Badgercare/Medicaid patients. I recently called and got in very quickly (1-2 weeks)...I don't know if it was just luck or if they're just accepting new Badgercare...

Cheapest orthodontist in Topeka Kansas?
I agree with the person above. Cheap doesn't equal best. Most dentists/orthodontists do offer a monthly payment plan. Just call around for quotes or you can go in for consultations and they'll give you a quote there, too.

Snap On Smile Questions?
You should be able to get both top and bottom arches done. If you call 1-800-607-1129 a customer rep will help you locate and schedule a appointment at a dental office near you who prescribes snap on smile. If you have a dentist you currently go to you can always ask to have he or she contact...

My tooth just broke, and the dentist is closed, what should I do?
just wait until tomorrow, you will be okay. if the dentist is closed tomorrow/for the weekend, you should probably go to the emergency room, or at least go on a hunt for a store that carries that dental cement. I'm sorry that happened to you.