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Popular Q&A

Is a perosn who earns salary of $400,000 a year technically rich?
No. Upper middle class. Rich is defined as the top .5% of the population and that cut-off according to the IRS is 500K a year (adjusted gross income - meaning after deductions). It was in Time this week at my dentist's office:-)) Practical terms, 400K does not go far in very expensive urban...

When will historians find out if hitler committed suicide or not?
Only when they Find the Body because with all the statements he died on 28 29 30 april then one witness spoke to Eva on the1 May1945 said hitler was Having Breakfast the Jawbone and Skull Not Hitlers if we all do some reasearch there are to many conflicts who Lived at the new Eagles Nest in...

Will a new tooth cause the others to wobble?
When new teeth come in, they sometimes apply pressure to the adjacent teeth, causing them to move (very slowly). Teeth become loose as they are moving. The same can be seen when people have braces, their teeth become slightly loose as their teeth are moving. These teeth stop becoming "wobbly"...

Did you ever see the movie the Dentist, what do you think of it, is there any other types of movies related???
...I really got a good kick out of Corbin Bernson's most unsettling and psychotic performance in 1996's "The Dentist", as well as it's subsequent sequel- it was something I would have never suspected him to do, considering his previous acting repetoire... ...the same could be said for Larry...