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Popular Q&A

Does anyone in az know of a dentist in az that accepts ameriplan for braces?
You can always refer one to Ameriplan if you do not see one you like. The company will send out a rep to speak to the dentist for you. You can do a provider search at:

Got dentist tomorrow about braces?
You need to stop sucking your thumb, even if it's just at night. It can defeat the whole purpose of braces. The way having braces could help is if your dentist/orthodontist puts something in the roof of your mouth to help you stop. Don't lie to the dentist. S/he needs to know the truth so your...

Breast cancer problem??? please help?
In America, 1 in 7 women are now getting breast cancer. That statistic used to be far less and at one time, non existent in the human race. Since the statistic has gotten worse over the last decade or so, it appears that the medical community has NOT solved the problem and is NOT doing a...

How do I become a dentist/orthodontist.?
well first you have to go to a dentist school then you have to go to a school for extra learning how to be an orthodontist. if i were you i would look into dental schools that you would be interested in.

What type of dentist performs root canals?
Many general dentists do root canals and root canal specialists are called endodontists. Some general dentists do as good a job as specialists and some do only simple root canals involving one nerve so the level of expertise by general dentists vary widely. Endodontists are trained to do very...