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Popular Q&A

Where can I find more information about Larry Lavin (Doctor Dealer/Snow)?
In the high-flying 1980's, Larry Lavin was a clean-cut dentist living the good life in suburban Philadelphia. But, what his upper crust neighbors didn't know was that Lavin led a double life - one that would finally be exposed by a shocking narcotics investigation. It was the early 1980s and...

King's College London for dentistry?
Yes. You need to take either Biology or Chemistry to A2. However most applicants will have both at A2. A Level Maths is not a requirement. The UKCAT is a test for medicine and dentistry applicants.

What are my chances of getting into columbia university college of dentistry and how can i prepare?
Dentistry is a graduate program. You need to graduate college first.

How does the dentist put braces on you?
I got the herbst appliance and braces in the same day. All the orthodontist does is stretches your mouth open with this white thing so your lips aren't in the way. Make sure your lips are dry because they might crack and bleed & hurt. He/She puts glue on your teeth and inserts the brackets...