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Popular Q&A

Anybody in Chattanooga,TN looking to hire (new graduate) dental assistant?
One of the best places to start is to drop off a resume at your own dentist's office. They often know of openings at other locations around town. Word of mouth, you know. I know in my area, a lot of the dental assistants had other jobs in the office as they trained, so they don't often advertise...

Need a job starting in June 08... help me!?
Contact doctor and dentist offices to offer your services as relief to staff during their summer vacations. That will get you experience and get you known. Permanent offers should come from temporary work if you are good.

In the Hampton Roads area, does anyone know of a good pediatric dentist?
Hey! I live in Virginia Beach and have been a patient for Dr. David Schonbrun off of Independence Blvd for a few years. I am not sure about it being pediatric, but they are great in there! Good luck. ~Meghan T.

Nearest emergency dentist i live in dinnington s25 2nu?
Falchion Orthodontics 0.17 miles 67 Woodland Rd Darlington DL3 7BQ › View map Tel. 01325 381540 Fax. 01325 381580 Category: Dentists Lance Robson 0.22 miles 37 Woodland Rd Darlington DL3 7BJ › View map Tel. 01325 462268 Category: Dentists G J Parker 0.22 miles 15 Woodland Rd Darlington DL3...

How do you change your lifestyle to live more frugally when you are already poor?
man i grew up really poor we ate allot of beans and rice to save money on food, soda was a rare special occasion kind of deal and because my parents couldn't afford a dentist koolaid was out of the question my mom had a garden in the yard and thats how we got corn, tomatoes, green beans, jalapeno...