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Popular Q&A

Plz can sum1 help i have major toothache !!!??
From the symptoms you are describing - you really need to seek medical help and it does not have to be that of a dentist. You may well need a dentist but a General Practitioner will perscribe you with some antibiotics (sounds like an abcess) or the least some strong pain killers - the longer...

Free dental in bryan, ohio?
Not an answer but if anyone knows then I'd like to know too. I'm in Bryan and need a dentist.

Which is the highest paid specialty in dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry, its mostly not covered by your insurance so its all cash business.

Do you know any good doctors and dentists around the Dallas TX area?
This area and Fort Worth is booming with medical groups. It may depend on your insurance who to get referred too. As for dentasl the Monarch group was very good for my husbasnds need recently. He had not been in 20 yrs. Most all clinics, doctors have...

Choked on bolt at in n out, then it knocked off crown from back molar?
I broke a tooth at a restaurant once - told the managed and he said. ''Send us the bill.'' They carry insurance for this.