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Popular Q&A

Do i have TMJ? dentists please answer!?
YES, you have a TMJ disorder. Clicking of the jaws is diagnostic of TMJ whether pain is present or not. Yes, you need to see a dentist about your TMJ but be aware that not all dentists know how to treat TMJ- avoid oral surgeons and traditional orthodontists, trust me. Oral surgeons only know...

Do you know of a great dentist for a root canal for someone who is extremely afraid of dentist? in orange ca
If you are willing to travel to Van Nuys, in the San Fernando Valley, I know of **THE BEST** dentist for someone who is very afraid of dentists. This one is a dentist, and also an anesthesiologist, which means he can do your dental work while you are under anesthesia or I.V. sedation. About...

What's wrong in this sentence and explain why: "In medical and dentistry, radiography is invaluable for diagno?
I think it should say 'In medicine and dentistry', not 'medical and dentistry'. In order to use medical it would have to be dental, something like 'In medical and dental practices radiography is......'

Mini implants to secure dentures?
I was also thinking about it. I just recently got uppers and I'm having a really hard time with them. I ask my dentist and he charges 3,800 for the upper. My husbands dentist quoted him a 5,700 for bother upper and lower. I have a friend that had them and said it was the only way to go....

Tooth problem need help?
Time to go to the dentist. You probably have a cavity and the sooner you fix it, the less damage you'll get plus you won't be in pain anymore :) Make an appointment asap. Like tomorrow morning asap :) Hope I helped!