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Popular Q&A

Dentists... what is the cheaper and/or more durable option?
The TAP appliance needs to be adjusted to eliminate the excessive pressure placed on this crown. The continued crown removal and leaking while it's becoming loose, is allowing bacteria to enter under the crown, exposing the nerve of this tooth to this bacteria. This will eventually cause...

What career is better, dentistry or finance?
Well, if you're looking for money, be a dentist. You'll be driving Mercedes in no time. If you're keen on maths though and want to do something that makes you happy (if money doesn't make you happy enough), go do finance. Really, it depends on what you mean by "better".

Do we buy a condo or rent an apartment?
Quite a few of the people answering don't understand that rents in Long Beach start at $1100 per month for a 1-bedroom, which your $20,000 won't cover for 2 years. Most condos start at $350,000 in Long Beach and that doesn't include the HOA fees, plus banks aren't crazy about loaning money...

What is the best teeth whitener out there other than expensive stuff from the dentist?
You can ask your dentist about having them whitened. It cost about $500.00 or try dazzle white, it works really great to get white teeth and the best thing you can try it for free. Visit this site, if you interested to learn more about it http://try-4-free-best-teeth-whitening.b...

Someone know any review centers for dentistry in the philippines? You can just click on this link. Its not only for dentist but for nurses too. Its in sampaloc so you won't look far away.