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Popular Q&A

What degree should i take in University to get into Dental School?
Take a Major that gives ou good career prospects if you don't make it to Dentistry School. Some possibilities: Bioprocess Engineering Mechancal Engineering Petroleum Engineering (drilling...) Biomedical Engineering Technology

Takeing your kids to the dentist?
Unless I personally know the reception staff and know that they have the time/resources to watch my kids, there's no way I'd leave them out in a waiting room by themselves, even now at 7 & 9. Too much could happen during that time. If I were you, I'd reschedule the appointment. ETA: The children's...

Nhs dentist = emergency?
If you need to find an NHS dentist you need to call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47. They will find you the nearest NHS denist that is taking on new patients. You will not have to pay at 15 of course - I don't know why someone said that! Your local hospital will only treat you if it's an emergency...