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Popular Q&A

Random Useless Facts?
Your useless fact about mel blanc "Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny) was allergic to carrots" is actually wrong... "Though his best-known character was a carrot-chomping rabbit, munching on the carrots interrupted the dialogue. Various substitutes, such as celery, were tried, but none of...

If there's any dentists on here PLZ help?
After having the root canal your dentist should have advised you to get a crown on that tooth. After removing the nerve the tooth is essentially dead. This makes the tooth more fragile and increases the chances of the tooth breaking. Which sounds like that is exactly what happened to your tooth...

How do some nerds know random bits of information about any conversation or situation they're in?
Try to read as much books as you can. Also include newspapers (electronic or paper) that way you keep yourself up to date on more things. You might find someone talking about something you read in a newspaper two weeks ago, so don't expect it to come in handy right away. You can also try to...

Competent but good value London dentist for dental implant required please.?
Many people are finding it cheaper to travel to Eastern Europe, where there are many competent dentists which can be hired for practically a song. Plus you get a vacation out of it. There are travel agencies devoted to that kind of thing...I recall reading about it last time I was in London...

If I went to Mexico to become a Dentist over there and tried to come back to the California would I have a har?
I do not know the specifics for dentists, but I do know that foreign trained doctors have to undergo difficult testing in the US. Many never are able to practice. Check with the International Dental Program to see what is required.