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Popular Q&A

What degree should i take in University to get into Dental School?
Take a Major that gives ou good career prospects if you don't make it to Dentistry School. Some possibilities: Bioprocess Engineering Mechancal Engineering Petroleum Engineering (drilling...) Biomedical Engineering Technology

My tooth broke from biting on piece of wood found in salad mix. Can I ask salad company to pay dentist bill?
Don't waste another minute. Call them and explain them and see what happens. I believe that they should pay all your dentist expenses.

Implants in nyc with metlife insurance. does anyone know who is good an accepts metlife?
I'm interested to know if this insurance plan will actually cover implants.

Which is the best dentist in Coventry ?
Here 'tis.....

I'm trying to find a Dr. David Collins in Kingsport Tn.. He is a dentist?
The only Dr. David Collins I could find in Tennessee is in Chattanooga. He's a gastroenterologist and internist. Dr. David N. Collins 725 Glenwood Drive South, Chattanooga, Tennessee (TN) Map it Specialties Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine Years Since Graduation 29 Gender Male