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Popular Q&A

Ignacio de la Vega, downtown Erico Carreno, Zona Rio Both take U.S. dental insurance without applying a deductible, cash, and bank cards. De la Vega likes to discuss treatment options with his patients, Carreno prefers to just get the job done and tends to charge a bit more. You do not need...

Dr. Ken Hurt?
The only thing i am amazed about is why you evn bothered to type every single thing down.

My parents are ruining my life, They don't believe in me?
I was in your place when i was your age. My parents said I could only be a doctor or lawyer. They are very very wealthy and said that they would be all my college and everything plus a car.....if i went to college and became a doc or law. So I ran away.....well it doesnt count as running away...

Does anyone know what procedures blue cross blue shield dental covers?
the other thing is, is your dentist a participating provider with BCBS or is he fee for service? BCBS has their own fee list that your dentist agrees to if they are in network. Otherwise, your dentist bills his own fee and you pay the "out of network" fee and they cover at a lesser percentage...

What is the average salary of a Dentist in Dubai?
sad but true, UAE dentist provides alsmot thesame services and competence but great difference in compensation. Skin color and nationality has a great bearing on the your compensation packages.