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Popular Q&A

Delta Dental PPO Preferred?
I have had Delta foever and I was fortuneate enough to get it with my current employer. The coverage is simple and you can easily find out how much you owe or whats covered before any work is done. DPO is better than DHMO since you can go to better higher end dentists than the cheapo limited...

Well it is done and it wasn't bad at all!?
I think it's great that you've conquered your fear! Congrats! Just the the other answer said, keep going for regular visits! Have your teeth cleaned every 6 months and brush and floss regularly! It's much easier to go for a cleaning than a root canal or extraction, huh?? Keep it up!! Happy...

Is there a dentist for cats?
Hi disorders can be treated by a veterinarian since many cats suffer from periodontal disorders. Once a tooth is lost it cannot be restored. The drooling is a result of the periodontal disorder: Periodontal disorders in cats: http://www...

I am 18 years old.I am a dental student.I am from Pakistan.Now studying dentistry in China.?
you're f*cked... china only knows kungfu... man I cant believe you can even learn anythin there, comunists aint known as good educators.... best you should do there is be athletic as you can, run every morning... honor your parents, dont break their heart, boxing will fail you, but never your...