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Popular Q&A

Where can i find a dentist that will take payments near me? Springfield MO.?
Most dentists in most areas of the country will set up a reasonable payment plan for you. You can call a few in advance to be sure and then offer to pay off the balance within 12 months. For instance, if the bill comes to $725 you should offer to pay $60 per month towards the bill.

Looking for a good family dentist in Lake Travis, Texas?
You can use Rate MDs to find a good dentist in your area. Just put in your city and state or zip code and the specialty and hit enter. This will return a list of dentists that have been rated by their patients.

Anyone who lives in Minneapolis?
Marcy-Holmes and Dinkytown are pretty much the same thing, and filled with almost exclusively students and professors. It's completely safe, but it's expensive and parking can be a hassle. It sounds like it would be very close to your place of work, though. Stadium Village is all students....

Front teeth gap filling?
haha 3 days. you can get the gap either decreased significantly or removed (depends how big it is) by a thing called bonding. it is done in one day in the dentist's chair.

Glasses with maginfiers: Dental loupes?
I found this dental loupes buying guide that may help you with this.