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Popular Q&A

Im in middle school and?
O_o Woaahhh you have PLENTY of time to think about college and your future, you're not even in high school yet! Enjoy the time you have to not worry about things like that :o (but try to keep the gpa at at least 75 or higher)

What metro detroit dentist accepts medicaid?
The VCU School of Dentistry Pediatric clinic in Richmond, Va.

Teeth Alignment - My personal problem?
My top teeth lap over my bottom teeth by just millimeters. My dentist says this an overbite. So I guess your girlfriend has an overbite too, and you seem to be just fine. I wouldn't worry too much about your bite - it's your overall dental health that's of prime importance. See this site for...

Which profession is highest paid Dentist or a Software Professional ?
Dentist gets highest paid anywhere in world as compared to software professional in same country. Also the increment in doc's salary /post is higher than software professional.

So this dentist walks into the barber shoppe......?
I mean no harm but do you have some instruction manual for that JOKE? User manual will do too Thanks