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Popular Q&A

What would you do if this was your family?
My Name is Eleanor Grace McClain and i am 34 and a children's book writer. My Partners name is Alexander Ryan McClain and he is 39 and is a veterinarian. ¦ I have twin girls named Isobel Sophie and Ruby Clementine, who are 5 minute apart and are 10 years old. I have another daughter named...

Why do I have ads from a pediatric dentist everywhere I go ?
Lol, because of cookies. Yahoo uses them and targets ads based on your past searches. Clear out your cookies

Teeth whitening kits?
The best place to get a home whitening kit is ALWAYS your dentist. They can advise you on whether you will be suitable for whitening. They work very well, but unfortunately will not whiten any restorative work (ie existing white fillings, crowns or veneers). A good whitening kit (including...

I'm stuck between two passions, please help?
I would go for the dentist school and tell your boyfriend that you'll just talk and write to him every once in a while. Maybe email him every night. If you don't go to dentist school, you'd miss your opportunity to become a dentist. If you do get the right job, you won't make money. Which means...

Dentists with best chair side manners and most pain free in NJ?
You should check here, If you haven't already: I love it because you can make an informed decision based on someone elses previous experience, many dentists are rated and reviewed. If you're looking to stay within the Central NJ area, Just look up...