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Popular Q&A

Affordable dentist in Cary, NC?
Go on, and type in "Dentist" for "Cary, NC" and call all of them up first asking them if they're a general dentist and their prices on what you need. Hope this helps xx

I'm looking for a website that lists doctors, dentists, etc. in siena italy. help?
Here you have a site that lists all the dentists in Siena, Italy

What is the composition of calcium sulphate hemihydrate(plaster of paris) used in dentistry?
2CaSO4.H2O is it's make up and positively no chance of your concerns being in the compound.

I have a chipped tooth which is cut my cheek i cannot find a local dentist?
You keep trying the NHS and get that tooth fixed. The bigger problem is that you don't really have the cash for a costly procedure. Mexico is cheap on Dentistry but if you go there, make sure your seeing a "real" dentist... Or you can... Put 3 or so pounds a week in a jar...

How much does a dentist appointment cost?
My dentist charges $56 for a check up. I think that's a fairly average price. They will be able to tell you how much just for a check up when you ring to make an appointment. No clue on the filling since I haven't had one since I was 11 but they won't actually go ahead and do it without discussing...