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Popular Q&A

Can a medicare card work in the dentist?
Several things: 1. Medicare does not cover dental 2. Medicaid does cover dental for children under the age of 21 2a. You will need to go to a dentist that accepts this, only way to get a list of dentists that accept Medicaid is by calling your local Medicaid office. 3. Most any dental office...

A little help from dentists please?
Your teeth can be professionally whitened at a dentist office. Any over the counter whitening aid isn't going to be as good as what you have done at the dentist office. Yes, brushing your teeth for 2 min each time you brush is great, make sure you have soft bristles on your brush and also make...

Family Physician or General Dentist?
Each takes many, many years in college. Have you done any research on your own at all? If you have not, it's best to say (and I don't mean to be rude, or unkind) that it's better to look into something else. --------------------- One big problem with being a dentist is that many suffer from...

Dentist Fee is same anywhere in the US?
Fees do vary. I'm in NY (one doctor, private office, Dutchess County) and here are the fees we'd charge: Limited Oral Exam (no such thing as an emergency oral exam anymore) $39 2 xrays $35 Pulpal Debr (which is actually a pulpectomy $55 Root Canal (referred to endodontist) $1100 Post and...

When should a toddler have their first dentist visit?
If you trust your dentist ( and that's a BIG if) then take him as young as poss. Even if they don't actually get to look in his mouth he'll get used to the place, the chair etc and the dentist. Then each time you go he will get more confidant ( let him see the dentist look in your mouth...