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Popular Q&A

Dental implants brighton?
You need to see your regular dentist and see whether he does them or refers to some one that does them full time. Lots of dentists so them within the surgery environment and others use more specialist dentists that have an extra degree in the subject, which in theory is better. My dentist referred...

When was the last time there was a mass or public shooting in Canada in schools etc?
We have had mass school shooting here too. Montreal alone has had three - Ecole Polytechnique Massacre in 1989 was to my mind the most horrific, A deranged man targeted female students, shooting and killing 14 of them to protest "feminism". At Concordia University, in 1992 a professor...

NEED FEEDBACK FROM A DENTIST!! I need the following work done & want your opinion as to what the $ should be:
uh that is practice/myself usually charges maybe 19,000 for that maybe are lucky but make sure that the procedures are quality and that you dont have any major problems afterwards...if you do go to you dentist and tell him/her about the problem and if they charge you...

What career is better, dentistry or finance?
Well, if you're looking for money, be a dentist. You'll be driving Mercedes in no time. If you're keen on maths though and want to do something that makes you happy (if money doesn't make you happy enough), go do finance. Really, it depends on what you mean by "better".

Does anybody know anything about this dude called William Morton =S?
William T.G. Morton (1819–1868) , American dentist, the first to use ether anesthesia?