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Popular Q&A

Anyone know of a great dentist in Tampa, FL?
Went to Julio Maya, DMD for years when I lived there. Very skilled, personable dentist. Would go back to him, he was excellent IMHO. His office is in Temple Terrace near USF area.

Front teeth gap filling?
haha 3 days. you can get the gap either decreased significantly or removed (depends how big it is) by a thing called bonding. it is done in one day in the dentist's chair.

Emergency, please help?
Don't go to the emergency . Don't call the ambulance ! ! ! Those assholes will charge you a fortune ! However, if your boyfriend makes little (<15,000) or no money, he will be eligible for a financial help. How much does he make ? Another option would be to go to an express care center, those asses charge less (still hurts) Google it . There must be one in your area. Also, if you guys live in a big city, go to a community medical center. There is a chance they will not change you at all. The current health care system sucks ***, so people are choosing between dying and getting broke

Can root canals make you sick? Root canal cover-up / by Dr. George Meinig - Fact or Quack?
Just a few weeks ago I had the remaining 2 molars in my mouth pulled out. When I was 17 years old I had my first root canal. The years proceeding I had 5 more. Let me just say that the next 10 years of my life was a nightmare. I was in pain every day. My face hurt, my joints hurt, I just didn't...

Im afraid of dentist?
ok befor I read entire your story - I'm afraid of it too! It's been readen :) (this is not right) , ok, the worst thing that could happen to you is to lose all your healthy teeth because of someone or something, and later in life to feel aggravated because of this state of yours. I've heard...