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Popular Q&A

What is the best convention center in Atlanta?
I would think the more important question would be: What convention center can provide the location and services that will make my convention a success? For one, it would have been very helpful to know the type of convention...for dentists or Star Wars fans? How many people you expect to...

I have impacted wisdom teeth and my dentist said insurance thinks removal is cosmetic? why is this?
Can 't see how it is called cosmetic. Insurances always try it on. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed chipped jawbone and stitches. It did not change the appearance of me. As far as I can see it is the removal of a awkward tooth. Insurances - they really annoy me.

How can I remove tartar from my teeth without going to the dentist?
It takes a sense of touch and dexterity to find and remove tartar. I have seen some dentist butcher up a mouth and not even remove the tartar. So if you think you can train yourself to remove the tartar on all of you teeth, even the back ones, you are fooling yourself. Don't be penny wise...

Dentists - Brandon Florida?
Here are some patients reviews of dentists in Brandon, FL. Hope this is helpful.

What college classes shoul i take to become a dentist?
Briefly put, become a Science Major (biology, chemistry, etc). Get your BS, score hi on DAT and then you should be in grad school. check out this site, school.