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Popular Q&A

What percentage of dental fillings are unnecessary & are basically a greedy dentist drilling into a perfectly?
cavities are like rat holes. The opening will be very small but the inside will be large. Usually dentist do filling to prevent decay. The pits & fishers are very deep & they allow food to lodge in them & normal brushing do not clean them, later causeing decay. Go a good reputed dentist, most...

Where can i find how much is usc's tuition?
TROJANS!!! Okay so here it is...I don't knwo if they have Fall 2008 out, yet. Here is Spring 2008- it should give you an idea. Subject to Change Without Notice Tuition (Semester) Regular Session 001 Undergraduate Students 12-18 units $17,606.00 Unit basis 1,185.00 Graduate Students 15-18 units...

Pharmacy OR Dentistry? Also have no idea on 0-6, 2-4, 4-4 Pharmacy Program? HELP PLEASE!
hey, i was torn between pharmacy and dentistry as well.... just look at the facts... doing a 4+4 is a waste of 2 years...after you do the requirements for pharmacy school- gen chem. organic chem, gen bio, calc 1 and 2, anat. and phys., physics, labs..etc you are pretty much done with a bio...

What is the closest position to a dentist?
Yes, the most important person to the dentist is the FATTD (financial advisor to the dentist).

For Dentists, Can u tell me about the transition to dental school?
It's harder than college, so prepare to study hard. I was unpleasantly surprise by some of the tests during that first term. The DAT? Study hard for that too as schools look closely at it. Best to take a preparation class like Kaplan.