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Popular Q&A

Do you have to go to an endodontist instead of a dentist if you want your root canal to be pain free?
No a dentist can do the exact same thing. Its not going to be "pain free" but if you're dentist is good then he/she will do just as good of a job!

What associations do you make with Shrewsbury, MA?
It's next to Worcester, Westboro, Grafton, Boylston and Northboro Routes 9, 20, 140, 290 and 70 go through it It's got a shopping center in white city, plus lots of stores on Route 9 I frequently buy gas at Flynn's on route 20 I buy my CD's at Newbury Comics on Route 9 I often Shop at Borders...

Help dental assistants out there?
I went to school for hygiene and assisting. I obviously started out with assisting. The program I took and most others in my state range from 15months to 2 years. You have the choice of getting your certificate or getting an associates. I don't know the rules for your state, but in arizona...

Cost for dental deep cleaning?
$225 per quadrant for deep cleaning is quite normal cost. Why don't you look into the My Simple Card membership?

I am trying to make up 2 sentences that contain 3 clauses. not dependent or independent. I mean adverb or noun
Here is an adjective clause sentence: "Travelling dentists", who had no real skill at dentistry, would pull teeth in the marketplace. Here is a an adverb clause sentence: For some reason, all this knowledge disappeared when the Middle Ages arrived. Hope that this helps you out!