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Popular Q&A

How much does dentist make?
A dentist owning a successful practice will make from 150k-400k per year depending on the area you work in and the amount of production you do. If a dentist is only making 75-100k, then his/her patients probably don't like him too much and his practice is not very good. Dental school is a...

Should i go get a dentist first?
Most people get the word from their family dentist that they need to see an orthodontist, but there is certainly nothing wrong with going to see the orthodontist on your own. An orthodontist is just a dentist who specializes. I am sure there have been other people who went to an orthodontist...

Does anybody know any good cosmetic dentists in pattaya?
I am using Sunbeam Dental Clinic. Pattaya oh# : zerothreeeightthirtysixtwentyoneeightyse... They are located in Soi 8 maybe 300-400 feet on your right hand side coming from 2nd Rd. That's my dentist. Most dentists there are ladies and speak very good english. Compared to dentists in other countries...

Good Morning - Does anyone know the trivia answers for 99.5 WRVE Albany NY and other stations 04.03.14 ?
WRVE 99.5 Albany NY: 6:30am: Sharknado 2 9:30am: Dickie's 10:40am: fibbers MCT: it's a lie 4:10pm: scale 7:10pm: brave Facebook: Enter PUPPY LOVE at: for 2500 pts River VIP Mail Code (5000pts) Enter CRUISE at:

I have a fear of dentists, so does any one know any dentist in Mexico (Tj) that uses nitrous oxide?
Dr. Francisco Cesena he is my brother in law dentist. Dental in Mexico offer free consultations, FREE Digital X-rays, Intra-oral Camera pictures and full oral examination, in which we will inform you of your present oral health status, your alternatives, and fully explain your proposed treatment...