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Popular Q&A

I have a gap between my front teeth?
I have always had a rather large gap between my front teeth as a result of missing teeth and recently decided to get braces put on to correct them. I am fifteen years old and live in Australia. When asking about cost, it is hard to say as it depends on your age, what you need done and who you...

General Cost For Dentist Visit W/Out Insurance?
No, you cant get a definite answer because they dont know what you need at the dentist. There is no set price for a visit. Every dentist has different prices for visits and for work done. You should find a county or low income clinic with dental services or a dental college that costs less...

Question for Tooth 975 about Functional Orthodontists?
You can go to ANY dentist or orthodontist who knows functional orthodontics. Membership of the dentist in the IAO is NOT relevant. I simply recommend that site because it lists dentists who treat using functional technique. I know of no other way to find a dentist with functional orthodontic...

Looking for a free dentist in north little rock arkansas?
Call 1-800 Dentist..They can tell you where a local dental school is near you. They provide free services or extremely low cost dental work. Your the lesson and a student will do the work under supervision of a licensed dentist.

Michigan Medicaid Health Plan Question ASAP?
The Michigan Medicaid benefit includes dental coverage but the benefit is not administered by any of the states contracted Medicaid health plans. If you are a Michigan Medicaid beneficiary enrolled in a health plan, you would need to locate a dentist that accepts Medicaid. The dentist would...