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Popular Q&A

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up?
Well why not take a different spin on it. Instead of saying what you want to be job wise, say whatelse you want to be. Happy? A mother? I didnt know what I wanted to do until 19/20...

What is the requirement for graduate entry into law, medicine or dentistry?
Law almost any degree will suffice, but most good schools want to see a Poly Sci or Pre Law major All Medical and Dentistry schools want to see a Pre-Med type major which usually leads to a Bio Chemistry or Bio Physics BS degree The BIG difference is you won't be taking ORGANIC CHEMISTRY for...

Here is a link of Medicaid dentists in Seattle. Additional: Sorry, that link didn't work. I'll try again. HOLLENDER, LARS G UW DENTISTS SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY_SITE, 1959 NE PACIFIC ST, SEATTLE, WA, 98195 (206)616-6996 BARCLAY, PETRA UWMC SEATTLE CANCER CARE ALLIANCE_1959 NE PACIFIC, 1959 NE PACIFIC...

I "think" my cavity filling fell out, What can I do until I can see the dentist?
There are dental emergency kits that have a temporary filling material in them. In the US, you would find them at Wal Mart or Walgreens, so I imagine a pharmacy or supermarket dental section might have them. Good luck!

Would it be okay to go to MontClair for biology?
Montclair has a biology major program (B.S.) in The College of Science and Mathematics, and the Graduate School has a master's degree program (M.S.) in molecular biology, which is one of the best fields of biology for advanced study. There is also a master's degree program (M.S.) in general...