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Popular Q&A

Anybody experienced thundersnow?
Yes, I experienced them a few times in Oklahoma. They are quite interesting and yes, they can be prolific snow producers.

How did your kids do at their first dentist appt?
My oldest was 2.5 or 3 and was good, she hates the feeling of the chair going back, so she sits up until it is down and then lays down. I did not take my youngest until she was 4 because she is very strong willed and she was terrible and went bezerk!! Our dentist' kids have gone to preschool...

Will my dentist fix my broken tooth?
Of course the dentist will fix this for you this is their job :) off your exempt then you won't have to pay and as it's near the front if the mouth they will do a white filling for you. She will probably check your tooth, ask you how it happened, if you have had any pain or sensitivity, then...

USA dentistry licence exameation?
I dont have all the details but i can tell you that it is known as national board dental exam and it is conducted by american dental need it for practicing dentistry and also to get into most of masters programme there... go on the net and search for American dental association...

Please help? Tooth Bonding? Dentist vs. Orthodontist?
General Dentist--can do all procedures in the mouth Orthodontist--can do procedures only that involve moving teeth