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Popular Q&A

What is the actual cost of duplicating dental x-rays?
We don't charge for duplication either, especially now that we're taking all digital. The way the federal law reads, dentists can charge a "reasonable" fee which should never exceed the original fee. If they are charging $25 for two individual x-rays, that comes close to an average cost for...

Im stuck in the year 2012?
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How to choose best dentist?
To get the best dentist, you first look into his experience. His degrees, his previous achievements, his work experience etc. I am giving an example like Dr. Brueggen his total experience can be found here who is having more than 30 years surgical...

I do not have dental insurance so where is the cheapest dentist in Midland Tx. My daughter has a toothache.?
I would strongly recommend that you visit this great site: I signed up online over 5 year ago now and they have saved me thousands of dollars over the years. From root canal, xrays, cleanings...etc. All services are included in this very affordable plan...

Looking for dentist in Sherman TX for my daughter, one who will let her pay them out.?
You can search for a dentists in texas at and at the same time this site also has free dental consultation. No every problem needs the hassle of going to a dentist and paying heavily. Try it and see if it helps.