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Popular Q&A

How do i Make a Dentist Visit Cheaper?
Tell the dentist up front you have limited funds and ask if there is a discount for payment in cash? Ask for a prioritized quote on the work needed to be done, so you can pay in full as the work proceeds. I have a cap on one of my front teeth. The price range of caps is 50-75 to 3-400. Be honest...

I had my daughter in may and I still cant find a dentist to accept my medicaid is there one around that will?
HI, your case-worker should have provided you with a list of dentists that participate with Medicaid.. ask him/her about it. Also, your ob/gyn and/or pediatrician may know of some... Best of luck.

Should I go to a different dentist?
I have had a lot of dental work done. Including since Jan 1st, a bone graft, 2 gum grafts and a dental implant. I'm going to a top dental school for this work. I have genetically bad teeth and I always go to the dentist regularly but there is always stuff to do on virtually on the teeth...

Whats the Red paste that Dentist's use to polish teeth?
Pumice/prophy paste. U can't get it at the store. If u use it too much itl wear away your enamel. Thats why dentists use it every 6 months on patients

Careers: Dentist, Doctor, Orthodontist, how much do they get paid...?
Payment varies so much. Most dentists I know make around $180-200k a year. I make more than double that, but I am really fast at what I do. Orthodontists can make up to $500,000 a year but I'd say the average is $350,000 a year but all the ortho's I know only work 3 days a week. All three...