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Popular Q&A

What is the B95.5 WYJB Words & Trivia for 4/3/14?
Thanks Irene! B95.5 FM WYJB 6:25 = Tulip 9:25 = Babysitter 4:25 = Concert BACK TO WORK = Pat Trivia: 4th Quarter Quiz = Andruw Jones Blockbusters = A Beautiful Mind (2001) Celebrity Interview Trivia = Anchorman 2 Classic Rock Challenge = Illinois Country Livin = Ride Around Country Music =...

I am looking for a good dentist in the NW suburbs....needs to have laughing gas available....Thanks.?
Try: Smith, Sandra, DDS - Sandra Smith & Associates (847)882-2012 18 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL

Can I have an IV Sedation at the dentist to have impressions taken?
Yes, you can have IV sedation, but first make sure there are no alternatives. I have a terrible gag reflex, too, so I know what you go through. (My dentist--a sedation dentist, of course--said my gag reflex is the worst he's seen in 20+ years of practice.) In my case, however, the dentist...

I got a goodie bag of contraceptions there one I dont know what it is for, its a latex sheet?
It's a dental dam. It's to be safe during oral sex on a female. You put it over your mouth and keep it between your mouth and the fluids of the other person so you don't get any diseases. It gets the name from a similar piece of material used by dentists during some dental procedures.

How much should i charge to install 5 anti virus programs on there computers in a dentist office?
If you are going to purchase and install antivirus programs then you should charge minimum 50 dollars per computer because 1 year program of norton is for 39 dollars,and if you are going to just install purchased programs then charge minimum of 30 dollars per computer