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Popular Q&A

I am so scared of the dentist.?
Hi Amy! being scared of the dentist is normal. Every one gets a lil scared and nervous here and there (even I). Its funny how u look back on things that totally freaked u out and then laughed at cuz when u got done they were not too bad. Have u ever been afraid of some thing and then did it...

Can you name a movie with TWO climaxes?
Any of these stories could have ended earlier, but the story gets going again just as we think it's winding down. Alien Ripley has escaped, blowing up the Nostromo, and is settling in for the ride back home. Then, she finds that the Alien has stowed away, leading up to the FINAL confrontation...

I have impacted wisdom teeth and my dentist said insurance thinks removal is cosmetic? why is this?
Can 't see how it is called cosmetic. Insurances always try it on. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed chipped jawbone and stitches. It did not change the appearance of me. As far as I can see it is the removal of a awkward tooth. Insurances - they really annoy me.

Help! What does Assurant insurance cover?
A discount plan is a HMO. No coordination of benefits apply per se. You pay your assigned office the fees set by Assurant/Fortis. Get a receipt and attach it to your wife's Delta claim form. They will pay a portion of the amount you paid. Many discounts plans have little to no fees due...

Can dentist be good dentists without using xray?
@ Dr Djuhn are you a licensed dentist or just a licensed idiot? How did you determine that the radiation exposure from a simple x-ray is unacceptable? What you said is total nonsense. It is unacceptable to treat a tooth WITHOUT an x-ray. Perhaps t