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Was Joseph Goebbels a very good public speaker like Hitler was? or how compared?
Hitler was actually one of the most inspiring and mesmerizing public speakers in history. It was his greatest talent. The gas attack Hitler had suffered had affected his vocal chords and he spoke in a manner that few had heard before. Many who later heard Hitler speak at public rallies claimed...

Small Claims Court Worthy?
I would say probably not. Doctors don't ask for lab work unless they feel it's necessary. They don't always know if your insurance will cover it or not. Plus, you sign documents with your doctor's office that states whatever your insurance doesn't cover that you will cover it. I know I...

Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Bangkok?
Hello I have not had any work done in Thailand, although friends have been to Dental 2000 in Hua Hin and have been very happy with the work and the price. Hua Hin is a coastal resort about 2.5 hours from Bangkok, it costs about 180 Bahts each way on a minibus from Victory Monument. Check out...

If evolution is true, why aren't apes, today, gradually evolving into humans?
Evolution isn't true. When a mother and father give birth to an offspring that is NOT capable of mating with its siblings, THAT is "speciation," unfortunately for evolutionists, it never occurs: Further unfortunately for evolutionists, "speciation...

What is the average pay for dentist.. and the average for dentist assistant?
Pay varies depending on the location. Go to the following URL from U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. A map will come up. Click on your state. The following page will be large...once complete search the page for "dentist" and/or...