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Popular Q&A

How much is a tooth extraction without dental insurance in Albuquerque?
too much.. i am from albq... and had my tooth taken out last year..lucky i had insurance.. but i do know a really good dentist.. he is up on wyoming close to the Shamrock station.. past The Quarters... i cant think of the street at the moment.. but he did a great job.. and i am sure you can...

Where can I find a good Genera dentist? I live in Norcross Ga/ Atlanta?
Stay away from refferal advertisments like 1-800 DENTIST they are just that paid advertisements. The best refferals come from happy patients who swear by their dentist. Make sure the dentist know who sent you and why. It only helps him want to keep his old patient happy.

Does My Dentist in oklahoma city do braces?
You would have to ask your dentist if he/she does braces because only he/she would know. Usually you have to go to an orthodontist for braces. Your dentist might be able to refer you to one if he/she agrees that the gaps between your teeth can be fixed that way.

Being the only child of two parents who are dentists, how is hermione granger treated at home?
The book never said that she doesn't feel like she belongs at home. She has a good relationship with her parents, and they encourage her learning (as shown by the trips they take). They also support her wizardry education, and are open to the wizarding world (as shown by their trip to Diagon...

Im almost a freshman in highschool, and i want to be a dentist.What should i do in high school??!?
take a tough course load with gifted honors and AP classes. Put a focus on math and science and make sure you at least take AP bio and AP chem if they offer it. Also, stay on track to take at least calculus by your senior year. you should probably be getting over a 3.5 in high school. your...