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Popular Q&A

How long of school is it to be a Dentist?
Boston University has different programs, this is a seven year program, but check out the website for more info. SEVEN-YEAR PROGRAM Secondary-school seniors with outstanding academic records may earn both the baccalaureate degree and the DMD degree from Boston University in seven years. The...

Tmj- functional orthodontic or neuromuscular dentistry?
Both dentist and oral surgeons can help as well as rehabilitation centers.

If minimum wage is so easily lived on, why don't the politicians prove it?
From The Washington Post, Sunday, October 16, 2005 ( "Some will argue that raising the minimum wage will force businesses to lay off employees in order to hold down business costs . In fact, the opposite is true. NO REPUTABLE STUDY OF THE EFFECTS...

What is the average cost to go to the dentist for a clean-up and x-rays?
I live in Dalton which is a couple of hrs away. We do things a little different in our office. The first visit is an hr with the dr, exam, exrays, oral cancer screening, and head and neck exam. That is around 150. The cleaning is about 80 more. If you are an established pt. then the cost for...

Getting the dental implants process split between dentist?
I think this is a perfectly acceptable solution. You have paid for everything up to this point with Dentist A. You do need to give them the heads up and tell them you have moved and will be finishing treatment elsewhere. More often than not only the first part is done through an oral surgeon...