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Popular Q&A

IF I contract a form of HPV orally, will my pap test show up abnormal?
Our Pap test looks for abnormal cell changes of the cervix. When abnormal cell changes are seen a doctor may order an HPV test to follow using the same sample taken of the cervix. The HPV test and our Pap tests are screening of the cervix only. The HPV test only screens for high risk HPV...

Dentist/or dental student question..brown stain between two upper front teeth?
Since you state your hygiene is very good, I seriously doubt it's a cavity. I would guess it's just a stain, just like you thought. How did you get it ... probably the tea and coffee. I have patients with very good oral hygiene and they still sometimes get stains. Please don't worry, a quick...

What colleges and universities offer the best programs for future dentists?
It's wonderful that you want to become a dentist! Any health care profession requires alot of hard work and good grades. I'm an ex-Navy Doctor(MD) and did graduate research in dentistry before med school. I was in the Health Professions Scholarship Program(HPSP) as a Naval Officer. It's NOT...

Do you know of a great dentist for a root canal for someone who is extremely afraid of dentist? in orange ca
If you are willing to travel to Van Nuys, in the San Fernando Valley, I know of **THE BEST** dentist for someone who is very afraid of dentists. This one is a dentist, and also an anesthesiologist, which means he can do your dental work while you are under anesthesia or I.V. sedation. About...

What is the best college to go to become a dentist in San Fransisco?
UOP is three years, go there. Two first two years of dental school are not really necessary, you learn every thing the last two years. I mean how many dentist do you know that do gram staining in their clinics, I dont know of any. So save your money and go to UOP thats one less year of school...