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Popular Q&A

Are there any NHS dentist in the South Carolina Area, If so, how would I contact them for some dental work?
Are you asking about the NHS as in the UK National Health Service? If so, I don't think you'll find any in South Carolina or anywhere else in the US. If you are indeed in the US you will have to pay for it out of your pocket....sorry!

Where to go for the best in cosmetic surgery and dentistry in Angeles City, Philippines?
I am from Angeles City, and a confessed dental addict... I go to different dental clinics for comparison and in search of the best dental services... and so far, no one can beat the dental clinic at Britannia Medical Center (, they have the latest equipments (I saw...

How much would it be for braces ?
Between $2000 to $4000

A question about going to the dentist =D?
Sounds like my dentist Dr. Miller. He talks constantly but if he's going to be dumb and ask you complicated questions while he's got his hands in your mouth just ignore him thats what I do.

Dentist worries. Can you help me?
i want to become a dentist. and if i was to do this. and i knew how you felt i would be as gentle as i could possibly be. although if it was me, i dont think i would want to do it all at once? you will also get numbed from a injection im guessing so you wont feel any pain. just a little bit...