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Popular Q&A

Is lois lowry a man or a woman?
Female Here's a link to her bio on her website additional note: Here is some more information for you Lois Hammersberg Lowry Birth Date :1937 Place of Birth: United States,Hawaii,Honolulu Personal Information: Born March 20, 1937, in Honolulu, HI- daughter...

Best way to find a dentist?
look at your insurance plan and pick the one that is "in-network" Why are they the best? because they are the cheapest (well not necessarily the cheapest, but cheapest for you):P

I dont get how college works?
To become a dentist of any kind, you'll need to go to a medical school that teaches dentistry. In your case, the medical school in NJ also teaches dentistry - the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ. To get into medical school, one must have a Bachelor's degree, which means complete...

Can dental hygiene be used as predentistry?
No it will not qualify you for admission into dental school. You have to have a BS or BA degree and have taken several science courses. Also you will have to have a high GPA , do well on the DAT and be impressive on your oral interview.

Starting to get a abscess?
Depends on where you live. I live in Richmond VA and our medical college MCV does emergency denistry for people that do not have dental insurance x-rays,removal of tooth and give you a script (not included) in the payment due at time of service. I took my brother $100 bucks and then he had...