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Popular Q&A

I'm a reformed drinker how can i get my face back?
I have found that natural oils restore the facial appreance. Look into " Olive Oil " - " Coconut Oil " Start by washing your face with distilled water - Maybe look into cleansing with lemons or some sort of citrus fruits. Every time you add water to your face make sure that it's distilled....

Digital camera for dentists?
What is your budget? My suggestion would be an entry level DSLR such as the Canon 350D/Digital Rebel XT or Nikon D40 with a good macro lens and a ring flash. The cheaper alternative would be a pocket camera that supports macro mode and also have ring flash adaptor.

Dentist help?
No, but you can go to your insurance company website and search for a specific dentist. Either that, or pick up the phone and call the dentists' office- his staff will know which insurance he/she accepts.

I'm looking for a dentist who does dentures in San Marcos, CA. Any recommendations?
You can always go to my dentist, Dr. McBride. He rocks.

My dentist gave me a bruce so now I want to sue?
The way you described it rather sounds like you punched yourself while being under the rest of your narcotics and now you want to sue the dentist to get money.