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Popular Q&A

Why does dentist rank 1 in sucide?
How many people do you know that love the dentist?

Translating Spanish Essay to Imperfect.....?
Durante mi infancia, yo hice muchas cosas. Cuando era pequeno, solia ir al parque mucho. Tambien me gustaba hacer amigos y enemigos. La mayoria de las veces, no hacer la tarea, pero jugar. Mis cosas favoritas para hacer fuera, pintar, jugar y dormir. Mi cosa favorita menos que hacer era tarea...

Is there a dentist in Deerfield Beach accepting Medicare and Medicaid/and will do a bridge?
If you're over 21 years old, medicaid/medicare does not provide dental care.

Need help with military benefits/tricare prime and enrollement?
Dentist is totally separate and you need to sign up for that, it is through United Concordia. To enroll you must go to fill out the paperwork and then submit it with the first month's payment. After that it will be deducted from his pay $13 for...

Can a dentist fix a loose tooth?
you could have an infection there! the tooth is loose due to excess bacteria you still can control the bacteria, by using a method called oil pulling. there is a book on amazon by dr fife of the same name, "oil pulling therapy" and what is does is, you use the oil like a mouthwash, but not...