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Popular Q&A

How to find a best dentist in Philadelphia?
Hi. I have had the same problem like you recently and I know what it’s all about to be in pain and look for a best dentist in Philadelphia. Then by chance I’ve stumbled upon http://philadelphia.dentistlocaldirector... . This website provides a great solution to your problem providing great...

Are Dentists Medical Doctors?
While you have received a number of explanations, some "far" more in depth than the rest, the fact remains that Dentist "Do Not" receive the broad education nor the depth required of medical students. While dentistry does have it's specialties and many require post graduate training to achieve...

Is swollen and inflamed gum tissue normal after a crown procedure?
I would call a 24 hour nurse hotline. That does NOT sound normal. One of my family members has dental work done almost every week, and has *never* experienced anything like that. If you can't get ahold of a nurse hotline and the pain becomes excruciating, get yourself to an emergency room....

Dentist vs Emergency Room Physician?
If your dream is to be an ER doctor, pursue it. There are long and irregular hours but it pays so well! My father is a dentist and it is also a great career. The hours aren't as terrible. If you own your own practice, you can pretty much set your own schedule. If the girl loves you, she'll...

Do i have a malpractice case against a dentist?
You will have to proof negligence. Did the drill break because he was negligent? How often do drills break etc? In the US a good lawyer may be able to give you a more clear answer. If you are in any other country it is unlikely. Consider writing to the Professional licensing Authority if you...