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Popular Q&A

Where do find a good dentist in and around Philadelphia, PA?
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Cosmetic Dentists - At Stephan A Inker DDS in ... Philadelphia, PA 19114. Tel. (215) 335-3339. Fax (215) 335-0412 Dr Ken Cirka, Philadelphia Dentistry. Dr. Ken Cirka. 1601 Walnut Street Suite #1302. Philadelphia, (215) 568-6222. Dr. Leonard F. Tau ~ Philly Dentist...

Looking for a new doctor and a dentist in the Okemos/East Lansing michigan area?
Great place for doctor info is I found my Dermatologist through them. Couldn't be more pleased. They've got other business categories that may be of interest too. Hope this helps - Good Luck!

Bringing Universities back to the elite - would raising Uni fees to ?20,000 per year be a good move?
I think it is indicative on a society the education they provide for the populous. Everyone should have the opportunity in my mind either to go to University or to undertake an apprenticeship Like it or not Universities waste a lot of money, They have massive buildings that are occupied maybe...

UTA or UTD better school to attend to become dentist?
I'm sorry, I wouldn't know what university would be best. I'm familiar with this place though. If you'll be doing work in Texas, it might be good to know. Good Luck!

Who Would Like to See Dentist Bulk Bill Under Medibank?
Yes absolutely Australia is a very rich Country per capita. And should be looking after its poor and elderly. It was a disgrace when HOWARD stopped funding of the Government dental scheme when he came into office. He should stop bribing and lying to people at election time and start funding...