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Popular Q&A

Where does the NHS take place for braces and will they be free or at a discount i am 17?
Is that Glen Falls NY. In the UK you have to be under 19 and in full time education to qualify for orthodontic treatment on the NHS. There is also the requirement for an assessment and for you to have genuine clinical need. Referral is from the dentist you are registered with in this country...

Where can I go to see a dentist and get my teeth fixed cheaply in Texas?
I know a great dentist who is in Mexico right now he is cheap and great! I got my wisdom tooth removed over there and it only cost me 50 bucks!!!! he is in Nuevo Laredo right over the border.

To live in the UK or USA for me?
Let's look at this carefully. The median annual earnings of a dentist in the USA before taxes is $149,310 (2012 data) Taxes in the US are far lower than in Ireland, though cost of living and salaries in the LA area are higher than the national averages...

Teeth whitening kits?
The best place to get a home whitening kit is ALWAYS your dentist. They can advise you on whether you will be suitable for whitening. They work very well, but unfortunately will not whiten any restorative work (ie existing white fillings, crowns or veneers). A good whitening kit (including...

Would changing my horse's grain help him gain weight?
You fail to mention how much forage he gets. I use Purina and have always had good results, but we feed Strategy (all the bad things I hear I have never experienced. I have compared many bags, ingredients are always the same and in the same order and I've never seen variation in color) and...