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Popular Q&A

Is Dr. Allen Karp a good dentist?
An iffy question this. Technically if anyone says "No" on the internet, he can sue them.

What special is "cosmetic dentistry"?
Cosmetic Dentistry is something you have done to your teeth that is anything not "needed" it is done for appearance only... Most insurances wont pay for it if its for a cosmetic purpose. Usually Dentist that specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry are dentist that have a very artistic personality...

What's the difference between medical schools and school of medicine?
They're basically the same. "Medical school" is the generic term for them, and "the XYZ School of Medicine" (or some such) is probably the name of a specific school. You can study to be a surgeon there, or any number of other medical specialties practiced by M.D.'s. You mention Washington--the...

Interpret arabic to english?
where is the question ? its not a forum Pal

Is having black gums a medical problem? I see people and celebrities (Whoopi Goldberg) with them all the time.
Your dentist is the best one to answer your concern. He can tell you if you have a health problem