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Popular Q&A

Nhs dentist = emergency?
If you need to find an NHS dentist you need to call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47. They will find you the nearest NHS denist that is taking on new patients. You will not have to pay at 15 of course - I don't know why someone said that! Your local hospital will only treat you if it's an emergency...

My tooth hurts after trip to dentist?
searing pain from a root canal and filling? that doesn't sound right to me, I've had a tonne of fillings done and a root canal and none of them cause me anything but slight discomfort. Maybe get that checked if it's still hurting you tomorrow. In the meantime take an Advil/Tylenol for the pain

Dentist ---- cost crazy... anyone had cosmetic dentistry.?
About $1000 each for the crowns and $1-200 each per filing. Insurance rarely covers "cosmetic" dentistry.

If I adore writing down short stories, should i go for writing one for real and maybe publish it one day, or does that sound crazy?
The great Western writer Zane Gray was in fact a dentist, born in Zanesville, Ohio and raised in Columbus, who simply loved to write, and also loved American History. Go for it.

Deciding on a dentist?
Wow, I was just writing an article on this exact question. Choosing a dentist is a hard thing to do. I will give a breakdown of the general types of offices. I will say that I am bias as I am a dentist who owns a private practice in Gilbert Arizona. 1. Private Practice Sole Practitioner...