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Popular Q&A

Whitening my teeth at the dentist?
Dentist's like to charge a good price to whiten your teeth. Yes they use a salt blast that works well, but it cost money. Using crest white strips do the job. Best of all, to keep your teeth whiter stay away from drinking coffee, tea,and foods that stain. Cocoa

Would it be okay to go to MontClair for biology?
Montclair has a biology major program (B.S.) in The College of Science and Mathematics, and the Graduate School has a master's degree program (M.S.) in molecular biology, which is one of the best fields of biology for advanced study. There is also a master's degree program (M.S.) in general...

Majors for Dentistry?
There is no major in dentistry. Doesn't exist. You can major in whatever you like as long as you fulfill your dentistry prerequisites. 1 year of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and English. Half year of statistics and other classes may be required. Consult with the admissions...

Can I get the credit I have on file at my dentist office refunded in cash?
Absolutely... Simply walk into the Dentist office, explain the situation as it currently exists, and ask for a full and immediate refund. They can not refuse you your money back. If for some odd reason (like, well that's not our policy) they do refuse you your money back, then simply tell them...