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Popular Q&A

Does anybody know anything about this dude called William Morton =S?
William T.G. Morton (1819–1868) , American dentist, the first to use ether anesthesia?

Dentists, medical billers, insurance!!?
The most importatant thing would be to make 100% sure that this dentist was a contracted provider for this insurance. My office is out-of-network for all insurances, and when a patient calls us they always ask "Do you take my insurance?" Our answer is usually "We can file on your insurance...

Can I get a refund from my dentist for doing a filling and root canal that will have to be completely redone?
The first thing I would do is to contact this dentist and to express your dissatisfaction and concerns. Most dentists will listen to you and try to correct any misconceptions on your part or errors on his part. This may very well include not charging or forgiving what you owe him. Be nice...

Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?
Put it in perspective. Death from a wisdom tooth extraction is extremely rare. You are more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the dentist. Everything in life involves risk. I had wisdom teeth extracted a long time ago. The pain wasn't bad, but I couldn't eat for 24 hours after....

How to to find a good dentist?
I'm not in CT so I wouldn't know a dentist there but I can give you some suggestions in how to find a good one. If you are actually looking for a good dentist, not cheap service, I would suggest that you go to the dentist office before making an appointment. Make sure the office has the latest...