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Popular Q&A

Dental job in houston?
Your best bet is to check the listings and go and give in a resume to a few dentists by walking into their practices, that helps alot, you will be sure to get some replies.

What are the differences general dentist, cosmetic dentist, and prosthetic dentists?
those are just different types of specialties that you listed and slightly different training that happens based on their choice of specialty. I hope that helps.

How do I correctly punctuate the following sentence?
Adam met with: Bob Brown, Builder- Colin Chalmers, Chef- David Davidson, Dentist- and myself on 27th March 2009 to discuss some issues.

English people and bad teeth?
the nhs is not a joke. it's better than most countries. these days nhs dentists are harder to find, because they get more money going private. maybe english people brush their teeth for a shorter time than the average person in other nations, or don't bother with flossing or mouth wash as much...

Navy scholarship, then officer, then dentist. Can it work like this?
Seems like you have a solid plan. You will need to agree to stay in the Navy as an officer and dentist for a certain amount of time. This is information from the US Navy web pages regarding the education funding for becoming a dentist serving in the Navy: U.S. Navy >Careers & Jobs > Health...