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Popular Q&A

What is total cost for Dentures?
Cost is dependent on what all she needs to have done. The cheapest way to get it done is to find a dental school near by and go to them....they're usually about 30-50% cheaper than private practice. It's not uncommon for a treatment plan including extractions and dentures to cost $1500 or more...

I m a dependent tier 2 , in my visa it says i cannot work as dentist in training what does that mean?
You cannot work as doctor or dentist in training unless you hold a UK degree. You will have the following conditions attached to any leave: • No recourse to public funds, • Registration with the police, if this is required by paragraph 326 of the Immigration Rules, • No Employment as a Doctor...

I need Italian names for this fictional family?
Wow, your characters are really developed. The story sounds awesome! :D For the girls' names, I just mixed them all together. I thought that you could pick which ones you like. Btw, (F) means it's a French name, and (I) means it's Italian. xD For any of the girls: F: Antoinette F: Nicolette...

A dentist in Lebanon, mo?
this is the country of Lebanon , in the Middle East , not the town of Lebanon , Mo :)

Cheap Teeth Whitening?
hiya, use bicarbonate of soda. use it as you would tooth paste.its very good,and it also whiten your teeth as well.