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Popular Q&A

Has Anyone ever used....?
Hi Mrs. Meyer, It doesn't matter what's in it.....don't take it. Use a tried and tested product that has been around for a while. All doctors and dentists are lobbied by product lobbyists for new medicinal products or pharmaceuticals so they can promote their products and thus get consumers...

Personal references from friends and family members is the best way to find a 'good' dentist in Jacksonville... or anywhere else for that matter! :)

I live in north carolina...can anyone give me some good suggestions on some good but affordable dental? I can't speak for any of these companies, as I get dental through my job. Generally, I THINK, you will get the best dental plan option if you get full insurance, but I don't know. Depending on what part...

Can anyone refer me to a dental surgeon that accepts Mercy Care & is near 85304?
I looked for you and the only two in the group you needed are Specialists Dental Implant Center 2905 W Warner Rd Suite 15 Chandler, AZ 85224 Map (480) 831-8100 Specializing In Dental Implants Finance Options Available Review This Business! Aesthetic Dentistry of Arrowhead 17100 N 67th Ave Ste...

Demon braces quick questions?
It's not demon. Its Daemon lol! and no you CANNOT change the color once you get it done. From what I know and what my dentist told me, he said daemon braces are easier to maintain and tighten. The treatment time is also shorter compared to conventional braces- though Invisalign only takes about...