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Popular Q&A

Removing Wisdom Teeth?
Hi :) I got my wisdom teeth pulled a few weeks ago and my gums are starting to close up :). Um well my experience wasnt that bad at all! I was EXTREMELY worried prior to the extraction, I mean I was shaking in the car and I told my dad I wasn't going out. Haha. (I'm 15 by the way). My wisdom...

How can I find a dentist that specializes in working with trauma/abuse survivors?
There are many dentists out there that specialize in "painless" dentistry. They will put you in twilight sleep for all procedures. You just have to look in the phone book in your area to find dentists who do this.

Pediatric dentistry in Seattle?
This is a bad way to pick a dentist. Better ideas: ask your child's pediatrician- your neighbors- other mom's in your child's school/playgroup- call the Seattle/King County Dental Society : 206-443-7607

Cost for Cosmetic Dentistry?
Any kind of dental cosmetic dentistry is very expensive and generally, not covered by insurance plans. Good Luck ! :)

Hello, If you have time read my page horror ( =] ) can you give me a describing on a creepy dentist?
Get rid of those nasty adjectives and adverbs. Let me show you. The day brought misery to all. The boy sat on a bench. He hoped someone would notice him. He felt different, and school was difficult for him. Now isn't that more real to you when you read it this way? That's because I let...