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Popular Q&A

AAID meaning?
American Academy of Implant Dentistry

What is the best college one should go to if they want to becom a Dentist?
Here is a list of schools ranked in order from highest to lowest rating for dentistry: Harvard (If you have an ego go here. They accept the best!) UCSF - (good reputation but students don't speak highly of their school) Michigan Columbia Penn (In a bad neighborhood) UCLA (in a very rich neighborhood)...

Scared of having braces ?
No, you won't need anesthetic and there is no drilling. Have you ever had a cavity filled? I'm not comparing the two because they are very different, just hoping you'll remember a time that a professional did work on something in your mouth and even though it wasn't so comfortable, it was...

Is this word Russian or Latvian? What does it mean?
I speak both of the languages and honestly don't know what it could be. The closest interpretation would be 'zobarsts' - 'dentist', but that doesn't quite make any sense, does it? Frankly, I don't know how 'zoorbst' would sound like, perhaps you could write it phonetically?

Can anyone recommend a dentist to do rootcanal in nogales sonora mexico?
really i do not mean any disrespect to mexican dentists but as far as i can tell the united states has superior dental care. i have seen many mexicans have their dental work redone here in arkansas. i believe your husband might be taking too high a risk.