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Popular Q&A

Please, i need some support and honest answers? medical help? The Mayo Clinic has an excellent site regarding illness/diseases Compare your sores to the ones pictured here ( this is only page one--page 2 link is directly under the subscribe says Symptoms) Mouth cancer might not run youre family but...

Why do my palatine gums burn and tingle?
There are several reasons. One could be if you ate something hot, spicy or crunchy that irritated your mouth. Could also be from a benign oral condition something like geographic tongue. Also many woman (like me) have this condition from hormonal changes. If you look in your mouth and don't...

Dubai dentist job UAE?
Well there is nothing difficult as long as u have access to internet. There are ,for sure, many dentist jobss in Dubai. Keep looking at:

At home study course for Feline Dentistry?
i would go with 2 cats, mainly 2 that know each other. you can monitor the difference between the two and maybe learn more. plus it will be nice to have double the companionship while you are learning new skills. just remember that they are more than just a learning tool. they are living creatures...

Anyone recommend a good, gentle destist in the San Gabriel Valley area?
312 E Las Tunas Drive San Gabriel , CA 91776 Phone: (626)285-1174