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Popular Q&A

Mr. / ms. dentists? please help? advice please?
Start over the counter bleaching. No doubt the betadine stained the teeth a bit. Don't get a crown. Find someone who can fix it with a filling. I haven't seen too much good Phillipino work, so doing the least is best

We're in Daytona beach is their a dentist that takes Medicaid for adults?
Most states do not cover dental services for adults by private practice dentists. They cannot afford that. You can try a dental college for a student or a county clinic with dental services.

We feel should we?
Whaa? Kim the first thing you should do when you get to Texas is find a job – it’s very slim here. My god you’ve only been an adult legally for a year! Do you have any idea how much it cost to raise a child? I grew up poor and I resented my parents for not being able to put me in any sort of...

How is living in Ocean blvd in Long Beach ?
Ocean Blvd. starts in downtown LB and ends at the Peninsula, some parts are better than others. Ocean Blvd is typically in a safe area of Long Beach. The 2 things you need to take into account is the lack of parking and the 24/7 traffic. I like where I live in Bluff Park. I can walk to bars...

Working as a dentist in the USA?
In America, dentists are doctors. So after they do their Bachelors, they will go onto dental school to get their graduate degree. We do not sit exams in America, you actually have to go to school, and you will have work to do constantly throughout the year. We have multiple tests throughout...